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Hi. I’m Steven Miller director and co founder of vivid projects and I’d like to welcome you to the online home of our thriving business. Originally vivid property solutions, the time has come to take the company in a slightly different direction. We’re not taking it away from it’s original path, which has seen us design and create many fantastic features and home luxuries along the way, we’re simply making some changes to allow us to take off the reigns and explore other avenues.

We have had a steady growth in the last few years but felt it was time to freshen things up in order to expand and with expansion we do not want to limit ourselves to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Back in 2016 when vivid was established we had a vision of where we wanted to take it and from day one there was always a drive and ambition to turn the company into a brand. We are now at the stage where we felt a rebrand was a must in order to take vivid to the next level. We have some exciting projects ahead and have now got more options available for clients in order to have everything they need catered for under one roof.

From bespoke upholstery and furniture to renovations and newly built homes we cover all aspects from start to finish, making projects for clients as stress free as possible. Our business has always been built on three things. Quality, reliability and trust. Three things that we take pride in with every customer and project. We will keep striving to be the best and continue to provide our clients with the the highest standards in service, reliability and craftsmanship.

I hope you all love the new vivid look as much as we do and enjoy viewing our content on the new page and social media. Thank you for visiting our site. I look forward to working with you.
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